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Content Policy Site policy All users
Access and Refund Policy Site policy Authenticated users
Privacy Policy Privacy policy Authenticated users


This policy covers the responsibility of content provided by the contributors to users of this site.

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The responsibility of accuracy and completeness of materials provided through the site rests totally on the contributors (teachers) of this site.

Information and guidance is provided for information only. and Govital Internet Inc. take no responsibility for the content of this site.

If you have any issues with the content provided here, please contact the contributor (teacher) that provided the material.


Rights to access material and refund policy.

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When a user completes a payment transaction for material at this site, access is granted as indicated on the item. Access to some items is granted on a time period, while other items be per-use.

The contributor reserves the right to withdraw access to any or all material on the site outside of the time periods indicated.  If no time period is indicated, then the user is granted access for a minimum of three months time.

In cases of early access termination, or in cases of a technical problem that prevents a paid user from accessing their material, a full or partial refund may be given depending on the circumstance.


Privacy policy for registered users.

Full policy is an ad-free site where revenue for the contributors (teachers) is provided by learners (students) paying for access to resources. and Govital Internet Inc. (the service provider) will not sell your personal information or exchange it with a third party, unless required to by law.

The contributor (teacher) will have access to your username, location and email address so for the sole purpose of communicating as part of the learning experience.

Your personal information (name, email address and location) will not be shared with other contributors (teachers) on this site.

Depending on the course setup, other students in the course may be able to see your name on the class list and send you messages through this site.  For any questions on this, please contact the course contributor (teacher).

Regular users will not be able to see the list of courses you have subscribed to, or resources you have purchased.