Fluency → Self-confidence → Learning

For over 40 years, I have been devoting my energy and time to improving the teaching of Second Languages, mainly French, to a wide range of learners, from Junior Kindergarten children, to professional adults, university and homeschooled students. My personal formation, research, writing and experience have convinced me that the learning and teaching of a Second Language must give the priority to vocabulary over grammar at the early stages of the learning process. After all, we learn a language to speak it first, and in order to become fluent in a particular language, we must acquire a relevant, rich and practical vocabulary that will enable us to use the language instantly. Therefore, I believe that fluency in a language leads to self-confidence and self-confidence leads to learning and not the other way around. 
Finally, my video-courses aim at helping the students fulfill their dream of speaking the language first, understanding what they say, using it at ease, reading it with intonation and expression and then writing it. These steps, in my view, help students raise their level of verbal fluency rather than their level of frustration, and prepare them, in a real and not perceived way, to never say again:
"I understand the question but I am not confident enough to respond".